GLine started as a passion for power.

 “I just got tired of replacing my trolling motor batteries every couple years. I tried cheap ones, expensive ones- they all died the same slow death, my trolling motor would become spongy and die out half way through the day (especially on the river). “

I started experimenting LifeP04 cells in 2019 and 2+ years and many configurations later I had a few batteries I could depend on, they weren’t pretty, just taped together and thrown in an egg crate, but 2 years later I am running those same cells (now installed in our water resistant marine cases)!

It wasn’t always as easy as dropping in a few Lifep04 cells. Just as recently as a few years ago the BMS (brains of the Lifep04 cells) were not that great for the rigors of marine use. Finding good over performing cells with durable terminals was not that hard, finding a good durable BMS that was made for the charges and draws of flats and bass fishing was. Also the BMS had to handle reasonable existing onboard chargers, I have used several on board chargers over the last few years and none of them were even intended for Lifep04 batteries. The newer BMS helps mitigate some of the old problems with existing charging systems, it should be noted you need to unplug a charger that has a maintenance mode once your Lifep04’s are charged, that said I have had years of service running low amp, low cost on board chargers, all while fishing 3 days a week and never one time running out of power, even with multiple fishing trips between charges.

Just for boats! Don’t ask me about powering your toilet in your RV or charging up batteries for your off grid cabin in the woods. While the cells themselves can handle these tasks, this was not the intent or the design for GLine – developed just for fishing boats, just for fisherman who want performance from their batteries.

So after all this we launch a line of batteries, using the highest performing cells with the strongest terminals, utilizing a specialized BMS specifically for the rigors of serious fishing, and a durable water resistant case with multiple terminal options.

If you are considering lithium batteries for your boat, give us a look, GLine batteries work, they last, and they perform.

Our Team

GLine Tom Profile

Tom Kueneman

Tom caught his first crappie in diapers, and fished his first bass tournament at 16. He loves the inshore fishing scene but has a special place in his heart for bass fishing. He has slowed down in his competitive fishing but previously won a few events and even took home a boat or two. Now he just goes out for the pure enjoyment of the water and fishing with some more social than serious tournaments mixed in. He really enjoys taking things apart and fixing them, classic bass boats of the 90’s, making his own lures and developing batteries that better suit new and especially retrofitted bass and flats boats.

Stephanie Kueneman
Office Manager

With over 25 years of experience, Stephanie is who you’ll be in contact with regarding general questions and concerns. Although she’s fairly new to bass fishing, she fell in love with it, and when she’s not in the office you can usually find her out on the water with Tom.