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Why Choose Gline?

We believe your choice for lithium iron phosphate batteries should be driven by 3 factors – Price, Value, and Expertise. 

Price – GLine batteries are made with the the best Grade A lithium iron phosphate cells available on the market combined with a BMS designed specifically for marine applications. As fishermen ourselves, we understand the costs involved in a LiFePO4 upgrade. We pride ourselves in being one of the few high grade marine options that offers a true cost-to-benefit LiFePO4 battery line. 

Value –  GLine batteries come with many features our competitors don’t offer. Our NEW Marine Power Packs cover both your deep cycle and starting needs, and every one of our batteries gives you enough amps for all day power. We have one of the best warranties available. We are very responsive, and available to offer assistance with any questions or concerns you might have. We also offer free installation and setup if you bring your boat to our upstate South Carolina shop. All GLine batteries come fully charged and ready to fish. Just install and go!

Expertise – Our CEO Tom developed this specific combination of cells and BMS as a solution to his own problems with traditional lead acid marine batteries, and is still running the prototypes after almost 3 years. As a pro tournament fisherman and expert in LiFePO4 batteries, he is uniquely equipped to understand and solve the specific battery needs of our fishing community.


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Fished professionally with Tom since the 90’s, he’s been talking about lithium cells for years now guess none of us are surprised when he started this business. As a serious angler that invests money in good equipment Gline Batteries are among the best if not the best lithium option for your boat. 

Mike Wood/Pro Bass Fisherman

Still testing the prototypes after a year we are still going strong, much more powerful than my lead acids and less than half the weight, fishing all day is not a problem with no power loss. Now that the site is officially up I was pleasantly surprised to see the reasonable price point vs. comparable marine lithiums.

Jeff Stark/Contractor, Tournament Fisherman

Got these local from Tom, he helped me replace my lead acids that were on their last legs, so far these are way better than even my best previous batteries, and no hernia putting them in the boat. So much power to weight, this is the most shocking part…keep up the good work and thanks for the help.

Bruce Plankhart/Retired, Fisherman

Called them asking about their starting battery as I currently have Lithium for my trolling motor (different brand) and wanted a starter, talked to Tom he steered me to his “rigging trix” video I was able to cut another 50lbs just from the starting battery by going to the GLine 500s, as well as keeping my electronics stable during starting battery use by following the rigging suggestions in the video section of the site. 

Jeffery Dobson/AR

I wanted to thank you for guiding me through the process of replacing my lead cell batteries with the new GLine 24 volt package. It has dropped 130 lbs from the weight in my boat while giving me twice the battery power. I ran a livescope 8 hours straight along with my two 12 inch Lowrance and 9 inch Garmin with minimal voltage drop. Hooking the livescope to the 24 volt side was an excellent idea, along with the recommendation for the purchase of the Noco charger.

Jim Jenkins/IL
Best Marine battery warranty

Platinum 11 Year Warranty

GLine carries one of the best battery warranties in the business. We are CONFIDENT that these batteries will work in your boat. If you are not satisfied with the performance, you may return them within 30 days, no questions asked. For three years after purchase if your battery fails due to manufacturer defect we will repair or replace it at no cost. After this initial 3 year period, battery failures will be repaired free of charge. If the battery is found to be unrecoverable, the customer will be offered replacement of the battery at a 33% discount reflecting current market price. Make sure you read the fine print on warranties before you make a purchase!

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