GLine LiFePO4 cells are different than traditional lead acid marine batteries!

  • They have 2x the power, our 880D LiFePO4 battery is comparable to 2 group 27 lead acid deep cycles.
  • They have 5x the lifespan, lasting up to 5,000 charging cycles.
  • They are super light, our 88OD LiFePO4 battery weighs only 22 pounds!
  • They have a faster charge cycle, charging after an average day of fishing usually takes less than 4 hours.

You should reconsider LiFePO4 cells if:

  • If you are happy with the power you have and your old lead acid batteries still have life in them, you do not need LiFePO4 batteries.
  • If you are a casual angler just fishing a few times a month, your lead acid batteries may last you 5 or 6 years as long as you maintain them. You really don’t need LiFePO4 batteries.

You likely should refit your boat with LiFePO4 cells if:

  • You replace your lead acids every 2 years and the last 6 months of their life span is weak, you should replace your batteries with LiFePO4 units.
  • You do multi day trips with no charging station.
  • You run out of power or your trolling motor slows down in the afternoon.
  • You want to cut weight from the back of your boat.
  • You’re getting a new rig and dropping $60K, so another $1500 bucks won’t make a difference.
  • You want them and have the money; I mean this is what it comes down to most times with fishing anyhow 🙂
  • All the cool kids are running them, so you got to get a set!