GLine 240MAX 24v Drop In LiFeP04 Marine Battery (88Ah)


The GLine 240MAX has 24V and a whopping 88AH – this is an ultra high capacity drop in that in most cases DOUBLES the capacity of our competitors’ LiFePo4 offerings. Go ALL DAY guaranteed and leave behind those weak 40-65AH drop ins that go dead in the afternoon. GLine’s 88AH 24V is GUARANTEED to go ALL DAY, all you need is just one 240MAX.


All GLine batteries come with the latest BMS (brains of the battery) technology designed with the rigors of marine environments in mind. Our BMS prevents overcharging and balances the cells continually for optimum performance. We also include a FREE 10 AMP CHARGER, other companies charge $200-$300 for a comparable charger.

GLine batteries come with multi function posts; you can use our exclusive studs and turn your standard bolt hole into a traditional deep cycle stud, or use the typical bolt that LiFePo4 batteries normally come with.

Lightweight! Not only can this battery replace 2X 70lb lead acids or AGM’s, it is the same weight as our competitors much weaker LiFePo4 offerings.

  • Weight: 45lb
  • V:  24
  • AH:  88
  • Length: 19.5”
  • Width: 7”
  • Height: 9.5” (with posts)
  • Freezing charge protection
  • Voltage input mitigation
  • Advanced Battery Management System (BMS)
  • Case type: High impact splash resistant *not submersible
  • Warranty: 11 year limited replacement
  • Maintenance free “Grade A” new cells
  • Average life span is up to 10X standard deep cycle batteries

*BETTER THAN THE REST, notice how the “pros” are running 24V drop in solutions but are using 2 of them? With the 240MAX you get DOUBLE the amp hours of what most the competitors are offering in the same case size. After years of testing we have found that even in adverse conditions 80AH is the magic number for guaranteed all day power. This is why our deep cycle power solutions start at 88AH.

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